Ring, buckle, metallic circle or D ring 

Metallic ring, buckle, circle for bag

Closed rings

Ring without closure.

Open close ring

Open close ring

Round rings

Fixed or open/close round ring

Oval ring

Fixed or open/close oval ring.

D ring dee

D ring dee in metal

Horseshoe D ring

D ring horse shoe shape with screw

heele bar buckle,
heele bar buckle,
Bag passing buckle
Bag passing buckle without heele bar.
2,65 €

Luxurous metal ring for bag, 23 mms length.

0,13 €

Bag feet, sell by one piece in metal, 0,8 cm diameter.

3,95 €

Luxurous metal ring for bag, 28 mms length for a 12 mms cord..

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